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  • Over-the-Counter Treatments for GERD - Healthline

    OTC GERD Treatments: A Look at the Options Introduction. Many people use over-the-counter (OTC) drugs to treat minor gastrointestinal problems. In fact, OTC... Antacids. Heartburn is caused by acid reflux, which occurs when stomach acid flows up into the esophagus. Doctors often... H2 blockers. H2 ...

    DA: 51 PA: 66 MOZ Rank: 74

  • OTC Heartburn Drugs for GERD: Antacids, Acid Blockers, and ...

    Non-prescription medications used to treat heartburn include: Antacids for Heartburn Antacids neutralize stomach acid to cut down on heartburn , sour stomach , acid indigestion , and stomach upset.

    DA: 50 PA: 36 MOZ Rank: 28

  • 9 ways to relieve acid reflux without medication - Harvard ...

    9 ways to relieve acid reflux without medication 1. Eat sparingly and slowly. When the stomach is very full, there can be more reflux into the esophagus. If it fits into... 2. Avoid certain foods. People with acid reflux were once instructed to eliminate all but the blandest foods from their... 3. ...

    DA: 59 PA: 2 MOZ Rank: 30

  • Antacids and Acid Reducers: OTC Relief for Heartburn and ...

    There are 3 types of OTC medicines that treat heartburn and acid reflux. Antacids reduce the effects of acid in your stomach. They do this by neutralizing the acid. Antacids can provide fast, short-term relief.

    DA: 50 PA: 26 MOZ Rank: 1

  • Over-The-Counter (OTC) Heartburn Treatment | FDA

    OTC Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are used to treat frequent heartburn and work by reducing the amount of acid in the stomach 4. In contrast, prescription PPIs are used to treat conditions like...

    DA: 34 PA: 60 MOZ Rank: 4

  • What medications are used to treat acid reflux disease?

    Are there prescription medicines to help my acid reflux disease? Foaming agents (Gaviscon) coat your stomach to prevent reflux. H2 blockers (Pepcid, Tagamet, Zantac) slow acid production. Proton pump inhibitors (Prilosec, Prevacid, Protonix, Aciphex, Nexium) also lessen the amount of acid your ...

    DA: 33 PA: 35 MOZ Rank: 17

  • List of GERD Medications (98 Compared) -

    Barrett's Esophagus (16 drugs) Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (7 drugs) Alternative treatments for GERD. The following products are considered to be alternative treatments or natural remedies for GERD. Their efficacy may not have been scientifically tested to the same degree as the drugs listed in the table above.

    DA: 15 PA: 11 MOZ Rank: 11

  • 8 Home Remedies for Acid Reflux/GERD - Healthline

    GERD is first treated with over-the counter (OTC) medications, such as antacids, and lifestyle or dietary changes. Prescription medications may be needed in more severe cases to prevent damage to...

    DA: 56 PA: 40 MOZ Rank: 30

  • 5 Acid Reflux Medications: Which One is Best for You ...

    Popular over-the-counter medications like Tums, Maalox, Rolaids and Mylanta neutralize stomach acid and provide fast-acting relief in mild or isolated cases of acid reflux.

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  • Omeprazole: Uses, Side Effects & Dosage Guide -

    Omeprazole is used to treat symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and other conditions caused by excess stomach acid. It is also used to promote healing of erosive esophagitis (damage to your esophagus caused by stomach acid).

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